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Tall Lime Limited are specialists in providing creative web design and development, graphic design and mobile app development solutions to the UK education sector. We have worked with a number of institutions from primary education, right through University level and with businesses and providers who deliver services to schools and educational institutions. We believe that the education sector can benefit the most from new digital technologies brought about by advances in website design and mobile application design, becoming even more successful when coupled with creative and engaging graphic design. We know from experience that these three services go hand-in-hand; and we’ve built a bespoke offering that allows us guide you through the whole process from start to completion and launch, advising along the way on which technologies and platforms you might wish to adopt.

We’re proud of our academic background as a company, founded by our Creative Director, Ben Atkinson, following his graduation from the MA Digital Media course at the University of Lincoln and before that the BA(Hons) in Media Production where he achieved a first-class honours degree. Having gone on to work with the University of Lincoln specifically, on a number of app development and web design projects; our mobile app for new staff won an award for “Best Use of New Technology” in 2015, we are ideally place to have experienced on a first-hand basis many of the problems faced by educational establishments and businesses that work in this sector. This has allowed us to come up with a series of targeted, time and cost-saving solutions that have worked quickly in practice for our educational clients.

We love nothing more than to be able to introduce you to a new way of working or a new form of digital technology. In the recent past, we’ve worked with professors, heads of school, teachers, research staff and business managers to build creative website and blog designs, targeted e-learning and training resources, staff and student management systems and mobile apps that have replaced a number of traditionally paper offerings such as in the HR dept. for the University of Lincoln.

In our modern world the use of digital technology can no longer be bypassed. It’s being used by students on a daily basis, with the next generation being the first unable to remember a time before the mobile phone or internet. According to Vision Critical, Generation Z use mobile technology for 5.4 hours per week, more than any previous generation. Using mobile apps to research, study and communicate comes naturally to this group and it’s a way of working that you can’t afford to ignore if you’re employed within the education sector today.

Tall Lime are committed to helping schools, colleges and universities throughout the UK adopt new technologies and digital ways of working. Below you will find further information on the services we offer and some examples of our previous work. When you’re ready and you’ve got a project in mind, we’d love to hear from you. Give us a call on 01522 837265 or email We’re approachable. You’ll like us!

So what can we offer you?

Bespoke and responsive as standard

From the outset, we will work with you to ensure your website or app works across the full range of browsers, mobile and tablet devices on the market today. We’re a creative industry and we love nothing better than making your project stand out from the crowd. Each project we work on is different and we will work with you to build a totally individual platform which fits seamlessly into your education establishment or organisation.

We’ve got a strong track record of using new technology

As a creative digital agency, we’d be delighted to introduce you to the latest digital technologies and suggest how they can be used in your project. From websites and mobile apps, to e-learning resources and registration / data systems we’ve got the skills and experience to build a full range of digital platforms we’ve done our homework, we know what education establishments are looking for today!

We’ve got a strong academic background

We’re very proud of our academic background, with the business founded by our Creative Director, Ben, after studying for a BA(Hons) Degree in Media Production and an MA in Digital Media. For many years we’ve worked with educationally-focused businesses, schools and universities to build unique, creative digital projects. Plus, we’re Adobe Associates in Web Design and digital publication – an international mark of approval respected all over the world.

We’re in it for the long haul

We know that your project is important, but when it’s complete we won’t just hand it over and disappear off the radar. In our experience, our clients really do benefit from having us around to deal with all those little quirks and issue whenever they arise. We can provide training on any new system you may wish to employ, competitive monthly maintenance packages and hosting. We’re always at the end of phone, ready to answer and question no matter how small.

Our Services

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Web Design and Development

Web design is the tried and trusted method of digital communication and in our modern world businesses cannot afford to overlook being online. As designers and developers we can take you through the whole process from initial ideas to a fully-fledged professional site inline with latest specifications and ready for the search engines to discover!

What we can do

  • Website design and development.
  • HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript as standard.
  • Responsive mobile design.
  • WordPress CMS websites and bespoke themes.
  • Web hosting and email.
  • Web plugins for additional features.
  • A full range of additional products.
  • Speak to us today about what else we can offer within the education sector…
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Graphic Design

We can support you with everything from a total re-brand, to the design and production of a produce or promotional brochure and specific, target marketing materials for your campaign. Plus, we only work with the best Lincolnshire based photographers and copywriters. We’ll use our expertise in graphic design, to help you stand out from the crowd!

What we can do

  • Logo design.
  • Full re-brand.
  • Targeted marketing materials for your campaign.
  • Traditional and pull up Banner design.
  • Poster, flyer and leaflet design.
  • Business card design.
  • Full range of printing for the above.
  • Speak to us today about what else we can offer within the education sector…
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App Development

Nowadays clients and customers carry their mobile phone or tablet with them wherever they go. Can you afford to miss out on the opportunity of having your business in the customers pocket 24/7? With a bespoke mobile app you promote your offering, provide a new route to market or an exciting new kind of interactive brochure. The opportunities are limitless!

What we can do

  • Bespoke mobile app development.
  • iOS application development.
  • Android app development.
  • Full responsive web app development.
  • Bespoke e-learning and training resources.
  • Online and offline functionality.
  • SSL security and database provision.
  • Speak to us today about what else we can offer within the education sector…

Tall Lime worked closely with members of the University’s HR team to design and develop content for an Application specifically aimed at providing new starters with key information before joining the University. Their technical knowledge and creativity was invaluable in getting this project off the ground and we very much enjoyed working with them.

Rachel Holmes, Head of HR Operations, University of Lincoln

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