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Take advantage of 360 video, the latest digital technology and offer a cutting edge experience

360 video is the new kid on the block when it comes to digital technology. The video itself offers something new for your customers and clients, but you can take the experience one step further by making your 360 video content available to view with an Oculus Rift virtual reality headset.

We know that businesses and organisations are always looking for new ways to market themselves and unique opportunities to stand out in their chosen market. 360 video offers just such an opportunity and one that has clear benefits when it comes to an experience available in your own home. By integrating a 360 video with the Oculus Rift headset, virtuality reality googles that immerse you front and centre in the experience, you have the opportunity to invite your next customer or client right into your business environment without the need for them to leave the sofa. It’s a technology developed by Facebook and now supported by big names like Samsung (the Samsung Gear headset ships with the company’s latest flagship smartphone, the S7, and is powered by the Oculus Rift app).

In choosing to work with us, you can be confident in the fact that you are working with a committed and experienced digital agency when it comes to delivering with new digital technologies. Do you want to showcase your business? Do you run a tourism venue and want to give people the chance to take a look around from the comfort of their own home? Perhaps you’re a performance company looking to showcase your work in an entirely new way. Each of these examples show a valuable, creative use for 360 video. The more you read about the technology, the more it makes sense. Have you grown tired of trying to reach customers and clients on the other side of the country, the other side of the world even? Well now you’ve got an innovative and exciting way to present your offering and it’s one they’re likely to be interested in experiencing!

And if that’s not enough, we’re experienced in delivering for a range of different industries. Based in Lincoln, Lincolnshire we work with businesses, the eduction, agriculture and performing arts sectors and campaigns and charities in the UK and around the world. Each of our projects are bespoke and built with love by our talented Lincoln based designers and developers.

Leverage the power of 360 video and the Oculus Rift before others do and offer your clients and customers a brand new way to experience your business or organisation. We’d love to sit down and discuss the opportunities available to you with a creative 360 video package that integrates the latest in virtual reality technology.

Get in touch today to see what Tall Lime Limited can do for you, we’re committed to supporting our clients in Lincoln, Lincolnshire and throughout the UK. We’re experts in creative digital design and can guide you through the whole process. Give us a call on 01522 837265 or email We’re approachable. You’ll like us!


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