Mobile App Development: iOS and Android App Development in Lincoln and throughout the UK

Nowadays clients and customers carry their mobile phone or tablet with them wherever they go. Can you afford to miss out on the opportunity of having your business in the customers pocket 24/7? With a bespoke mobile app you promote your offering, provide a new route to market or an exciting new kind of interactive brochure. The opportunities are limitless!

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Mobile App Development: iOS, Android and Web

We’re a creative digital agency based in historic Lincoln and we’re extremely passionate about delivering innovative solutions that make the best use of new digital technologies; helping businesses and organisations reach new customers, increase sales and really stand out in their market!

First, some background on mobile app development…

Mobile apps are the hip new thing when it comes to digital technology. Okay, so they’re not that new. iOS and Android app development has been with us for nearly ten years but in that time it has changed completely. With each new device that comes on the market, consumers are presented with a whole ux-design-gifspate of innovative new features and yet many businesses are still not considering the possibilities of these powerful platforms.

In the past two to three years mobile apps (smart phone applications) have become the way to attract young users. Known as Generation Z, rarely has the world experienced so much change, socially, technologically and economically as during the lifetimes of today’s teens and tweens. According to a Mintel Report, these consumers already have a purchasing power in excess of $44billion. It really is a market you cannot afford to ignore, and that’s where we come in. As a Lincolnshire based creative digital agency we know exactly what you need to do to succeed, it’s our job to stay ahead of the curve and know before anyone else what the latest trends are in iOS app development, Android app development and web app development. We’ve got a strong, proven track record in delivering for customers in this region and throughout the UK, just take a look at our portfolio of creative projects. We know most businesses aren’t adapting to the way their customers are using their mobile devices and are therefore missing out on a huge chunk of the market.

Whether it’s an app that will give a new or easier route to market, provide added value for your customers or simply save you time and money as a business or organisation, it’s always worth considering the opportunities a mobile app can provide. All of our designs are bespoke and built with love by our dedicated Lincoln team. Finally, as designers and developers, we are in the unique position of being able to guide you through the whole process from an initial sketch on a piece of paper right up to your vision appearing front and centre on the home screen of your target audience, in their pocket, on their mobile phone 24/7!

What do you want to achieve with your mobile app and why?

Before embarking on the development of a mobile app, it’s important to work out what you want from the platform and what benefits it will bring to your organisation. While we’d love to work with you to build your app, we don’t want you investing money in something that has no place in your business once it’s been produced. You may Old fashioned filament bulbs.find that your idea is better suited to a web design project or a PHP application and we’d be happy to talk to you about either of these services if you come to the conclusion that a mobile app isn’t right for you at the current time.

With that being said, if you’re ready to harness the power of the leading new digital technology and place your business front and centre on the home screen of your customer’s/audience’s mobile phone; lets be honest who wouldn’t want that, then knowing what you want to achieve with a mobile app is merely the starting point.

At the very least, we ask that you consider the purpose of your mobile app. Will it be a booking system, virtual tour of your organisation providing information to staff, an interactive brochure for your products, or something entirely different? As long as you’ve got the creative vision for your project, we can design and build it for you!

Our approach to mobile app development

We know you’re probably expecting mobile app development to be an expensive investment and you’re right it can be, but it doesn’t have to be. It is part of our approach to each individual project, that we first assess the requirements and perceived outcome of our client. It may be that their project can be delivered in a very simple form, as a web app for example that will run on all devices (like a app-developmentwebsite that’s designed for a mobile device and runs from your home screen like any other app). All of these routes can result in a cost saving.

That being said, app development is a far more complicated process than graphic design or even web design and we want to make sure we deal with your project in the right way. We have a team of highly skilled developers and designers based in our Lincoln office who are specialists in building iOS and Android apps. We always start the process by getting an idea from the client of the workflow they’d be looking for, the number of different screens, how many menus, what kind of features and we will then use this information to create a series of bespoke mock up designs for the project. The next stage is to get the client to sign of the designs before we start developing the actual app.

In most cases it will take at least a couple of months to complete a mobile app development project, but it could take much longer depending on the scope of the work. The best thing we’ve found about mobile app design though, is that it’s a really fun and creative process. Along the way you’ll get to choose from all kinds of extra plugins (Facebook login, maps, voice control and other goodies) and will see your app grow and develop before your eyes as we go through various stages of testing. Even more importantly, at the end of the process you’ll know you have a platform that is totally unique to you as a business and something that a lot of other companies and organisations in your industry simply don’t have!

Why we’re different

We’re proud to be one of the only app development companies based in Lincoln and Lincolnshire and we pride ourselves on the work we’ve done for a range of different industries throughout the county and the wider UK. We’ve worked in areas you wouldn’t normally associate with mobile app design, including the agricultural, education and performing arts sectors. We also work with a range of B2B and B2C clients and find that our innovative, creative approach helps them to think outside the box. We’re proud of the fact that we’ve been able to introduce a whole new technology and a new way of working to such a wide variety of clients.

Mobile App Development services in more detail

iOS App, Android App or Web App?

No matter which of three main platforms you choose for your project, we’ll support you every step of the way as experts in developing native apps for iOS, Android and the web. Distribute the app yourself or we’ll support you in adding to the app store.

Beautiful UI

UI stands for “user interface” and it’s all about how clients and customers interact with your app. We’ll work with to design a clean, modern UI that’s easy to navigate and fits in seamlessly with your brand while still highlighting the key features of the app itself.

APIs and other plugins

A basic mobile app is great, but things get really interesting when you start to think about APIs and plugins. What other features of the mobile phone or tablet could you include? Voice recognition, use of the camera, location data? Find out more about APIs here.

Social media integration

Social media has become the real talking point of our generation and your clients and customers are using it on a daily basis. Don’t get left behind, we’ll help you integrate social media sign on and sharing within your mobile application to promote your brand on a much larger platform and leverage the power of Facebook, Twitter and others.

Measurable analytics

Lets face it, if you’ve invested in a mobile app you’re going to want to know who’s using it. We ensure data collection is threaded through all of our app designs, providing clear and measurable analytics so you can see exactly what’s happening at the touch of a button from your web-based app management system.

Your message in the client's pocket, instant growth

It’s a pretty safe bet that a majority of your client or customer base are carrying a mobile phone on them right now. With a mobile app as part of your marketing arsenal you can ensure your message, offer or new service reaches them long before the competition.

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"Tall Lime designed and developed an Application specifically aimed at new starters joining the University. Their technical knowledge and creativity was invaluable in getting this project off the ground" - Rachel Holmes, Human Resources Department

"British Growers have worked with Tall Lime since 2014. We were keen to work with someone who was fully up to date on new technology within this sector. Tall Lime has fitted our brief on all accounts" - Jayne Dyas, British Growers Association

"Tall Lime are a fantastic company to work with. They listened to us describe our needs, planned a piece of work that matched our description and then designed our products to the specifications. " - Rachael Mason, School of Health and Social Care

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