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We can support you with everything from a total re-brand, to the design and production of a programme or promotional brochure and specific, target marketing materials for your campaign or business. Plus, we only work with the best Lincolnshire based photographers and copywriters. We’ll use our expertise in graphic design, to help you stand out from the crowd!

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Graphic Design

We’re a creative digital agency based in historic Lincoln and we’re extremely passionate about delivering beautiful, modern graphic design solutions and on-brand corporate marketing materials; helping businesses and organisations reach new customers, increase sales and really stand out in their sector!

First, some background on graphic design…

Although Tall Lime came into existence in 2014, our team have been working with graphic design since 2006 and in that time have seen a wide variety of different design styles, corporate marketing materials and graphic design aimed directly at the public. We’ve worked on everything from contemporary brochures for theatres and art galleries, to pull up banners, logo designs and a whole host of promotional graphic-design-gif-12items. In our mind, good graphic design can impact on all other areas of a business or organisation and that’s the mantra we live and work by in our own office – bringing the creative flair of our graphic design projects into the world of web design and mobile app development, just take a look our design portfolio for inspiration. In this way graphic design is very much the base of our work as agency and it allows us to flex our creative muscles to help you reach new audiences and increase sales. After all, if you’ve not got a solid brand and strong, contemporary design that’s evident across your company, how can you be sure you’re reaching the right number and types of people in your chosen market? A strong brand is memorable. It builds trust and encourages positive referrals from customers. A weak brand is instantly forgettable. Tom McCallum has written a great post for the idesigni website which discusses why businesses should consider hiring a graphic designer, suggesting that 95% of B2B buyers prefer shorter, visual formats and 70% of marketers are planning to increase their use of visual imagery in the coming year.

What do you want to achieve with your graphic design project?

The key to successful graphic design is to have a clear and measurable goal in place before we begin. It may sound like a strange concept, given that graphic design is a largely creative process, but if you aren’t sure exactly what your end goal is when you commission us to produce a graphic design project for you you’re probably going to end up disappointed with the result. Be sure to consider questions like; ‘why am I undertaking this re-brand, how will I measure success’; ‘what particular Old fashioned filament bulbs.segment of my market am I aiming at, will these ideas have the desired outcome’; ‘is this the right format for my project, or should I be looking at a different layout or product style. Will my project be more successful as a poster, a flyer or maybe a digital advert will better reach my target audience’. Further down there line there will be questions about colours, typefaces and the other creative aspects of design, but you can leave those to us – it’s what we’re here for! All we ask is that you think about the outcome of a project before we begin, in our experience it really helps to speed up the process and means that we end up with a final design that is much better suited to your needs and requirements. Oh and make sure you share your goals with us, we love getting to know our clients as it helps to fire our creativity and ensures a stronger relationship on both sides for the duration of a project.

Our approach to graphic design

We’re inherently creative, it’s part of everything we do. You can be sure when you choose to work with us on a graphic design project that we will produce something for you that ticks all the boxes and stands out from the crowd. We can produce corporate work, or graphic-design-imagework destined for a public audience, but in each case we won’t differentiate on the importance of creativity and creative ideas. Why shouldn’t a corporate business card or leaflet design, be as creative a public facing billboard ad or a programme for a theatre or arts showcase? When it comes to our graphic design projects, we will start by gathering inspiration about our client; getting a feel for how they work and their approach to business. It’s important for us to feed as much of this into our designs in order to make them as bespoke and personal as possible. Next, we’ll present you with a series of sketches, ideas for colour palette and typography, before moving on to actually producing your piece of work. We’re proud of our team of specialist designers based in our Lincoln office who excel in coming up with creative ideas for our graphic design projects, straight from an artist’s pen. Inspiration comes in many forms and we love it, but you won’t find us repurposing an old design. We approach every project individually and are proud of our broad range of bespoke creative work.

Why we’re different

At Tall Lime Limited we pride ourselves on the work we’ve done for a range of different industries across Lincoln, Lincolnshire and the wider UK. We’ve worked in areas you won’t always find a graphic designer, including the agricultural, education and performing arts sectors. We also work with a range of B2B and B2C clients and find that our innovative, creative approach helps them to think outside the box when it comes to bespoke, creative graphic design. One day we might be producing a banner or brochure, the next a business card, leaflet or flyer. We’re experts in branding and marketing design, with a keen visual eye for detail.

Graphic design, branding and marketing design services in more detail

Creative graphic design

At Tall Lime, we approach every project individually. Our creative graphic designers will sit down with you to discuss your needs and will then come up with a series of ideas, initial sketches and colour palettes that we think might work for you. Next we’ll move from paper to digital and guide you through until you’re ready to go to print.

Design for a range of media

We’re creatives through and through and we love working with different media. Our graphic designers can create a flyer design, a pull-up banner or a postcard and everything in between. Whether you’re looking for a corporate brochure or stickers with your company logo, we’ve got you covered!

You can rely on us

We’ve worked with some of the biggest organisations in Lincoln and the wider East Midlands, including theatres across Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire, Universities and businesses. You can rely on us to handle your graphic design project with a creative, professional attitude from start to finish.

Seamless design, online and offline

We know your brand needs to work online and offline. Our design concepts are developed with this in mind, they translate beautifully across both the digital and the real world and we can carry your corporate style through from the web to print.

Full re-brand to new marketing materials

Whatever you’re looking for, we’ve got you covered. From a full company re-brand, down to a new set of business cards. Let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll get the ideas out of your head and onto paper ready for printing.

Design and print fulfillment

It’s not just the design we take care of, we work with a range of partners who can offer printing on top of our design so you can rely on us to look after you through the whole process. We’re particularly proud of our quick print turn around, ask us about it today!

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"The design followed our brief and suggestions were made which really enhanced the look and feel. We have had so many compliments from our audience!" Dawn Wilson, CAODS

"I was so pleased with the marketing flyer work that you did for me recently. You understood what I was trying to achieve and delivered on time, on budget, as promised." Russell Payne, Russell Payne & Co.

"Tall Lime Limited offered an excellent service at short notice. The finished products were delivered on time, on budget and the quality was superb." Russell Copley, Greenborough Management

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