360 video production in Lincoln and throughout the UK

360 video is the new kid on the block when it comes to digital technology. Take advantage of this powerful, exciting platform in your market by introducing interactive and engaging content for your audiences. From stunning landscape photography and video, to a tour of your office or business, virtual showroom or sales pitch. The ways 360 video can be put to use are limited only by your imagination.

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360 video production

We’re a creative digital agency based in historic Lincoln and we’re extremely passionate about delivering innovative solutions that make the best use of new digital technologies; helping businesses and organisations reach new customers, increase sales and really stand out in their market!

First, some background on 360 video…

360 video is the new kid on the block when it comes to digital technology. Over the past few years it has grown substantially in both reach and adoption by the major players in the digital industries. YouTube for example, was the first online platform to add support for 360 video early in 2015, with Facebook following suit early the following year. The idea of 360 video is a strong one, where video products have traditionally been of linear style with the audience only able to watch from one angle as 360-degree-icondictated by the producer/director, 360 video creates the opportunity for further interactivity with viewers able to move the camera 360 degrees from wherever the camera itself happens to be positioned. If you’re watching a theatre piece then, you could look into the wings, out into the audience or up at the roof if you really wanted while the action continued all around you.

360 video offers particularly strong opportunities to businesses and organisations. Think about the prospect of a virtual tour of your location where viewers could move in 360 degrees at their leisure, it would wonders in a showroom or a tourist venue. Hotel rooms and conference centres too could benefit from the ability to explore from all angles. And the prospects are even more exciting when you couple the video with a virtual reality headset such as the oculus rift which would allow viewers to immerse themselves completely in the video they are viewing, as if they really standing in that exact location. Think of the opportunities for your customers and clients based in different parts of the country, the other side of the world even.

As the number of online platforms adopting 360 video increases at a rapid rate, there has never been a better time to introduce this new technology into your business or organisation. Videos that we produce can be embedded into your website, uploaded onto your Facebook page or YouTube channel and your perspective clients and customers can view your offering in virtual reality using one of the many headsets now available on the market.

What do you want to achieve with your 360 video project?

The key to any successful digital project is to have a number of clear, measurable goals in place before we begin and that is no different for a 360 video project. The technology involved in 360 Old fashioned filament bulbs.video is still fairly new, but the idea behind it has been with us for a long time. Your target audience will be familiar with the idea of panoramic or 360 photographs, but you’ll have to convince them that 360 video is worth their time and that’s where some forward planning can be most useful. What is it you wish to achieve with your 360 video project? Do you want to showcase your business? Do you run a tourism venue and want to give people the chance to take a look around from the comfort of their own home? Perhaps you’re a performance company looking to showcase your work in an entirely new way. All of these ideas are worth considering. You’ll also need to decide how you’re going to get the content to your audience. Will it be shared on social media? Will it be viewable using an Oculus Rift or other virtual reality headset device? Part of this process will also be getting to know you and your business. As an agency we like to understand what drives you to succeed, why you run your business the way you do and how we can fit into the bigger picture. In our experience, this has many benefits when it comes to producing your content and ending up with a project that works for us, for you and more importantly is right for your audience.

Our approach to 360 video production

We’re a creative digital agency, so we will of course be aiming to approach your project in an inherently creative manner. With 360 video being such a new technology, we want to ensure that you feel comfortable with the entire process and understand what’s involved. The first stage in the process will Happy bearded man using vr glasses. Young guy in virtual reality headset playing game. Modern technology, innovation, cyberspace, entertainment conceptbe sit down with you and discuss the ideal outcomes of the work as well as having a chance to view some examples of how 360 video has been used in the past. We’ve got a series of specialist developers in our Lincoln office who will work with you to ensure the final video we produce reaches as much of your audience as possible, via as many platforms as you feel comfortable with. 360 video is all about showcasing what you can offer to your customers and clients, so we will undertake several site visits before we actual do any filming – this helps us to understand your business and consider it from the clients point of view. Towards the end of the process once filming has commenced using our specialist camera technology, we will show you a rough edit of the film as it might be viewed online and using a virtual reality headset. In the past we’ve found this to be the most exciting and rewarding part of the process, as our clients are always surprised at how realistic the final product is when they’re wearing the headset!

Why we’re different

At Tall Lime Limited we pride ourselves on the work we’ve done for a range of different industries across Lincoln, Lincolnshire and the wider UK. We’ve worked in areas you won’t normally find a creative digital agency, including the agricultural, education and performing arts sectors. We also work with a range of B2B and B2C clients and find that our innovative, creative approach helps them to think outside the box when it comes to the adoption and integration of new digital technology, leading to proven and measurable results.

360 video services in more detail

Virtual tours

Work in the leisure/Tourism industry? Own a hotel, holiday home or other venue? Think about the opportunities 360 video affords to give your potential customers a tour of your business from their own home. It’ll put you one step ahead of your competition and you’ll really stand out.

The best seat in the house

With 360 video, the viewer finds themselves at the very centre of the action and the ability to explore all around as they wish. With a 360 video you can give each of your clients or customers the best seat in the house, with no distractions to enjoy your product or service at their leisure.

Beautiful images

You’ve probably seen a 360 or panoramic photo online. They’re long and thin and not all that clear. Step up 360 video, filmed in full HD you can now present beautiful images of your product or location to clients and customers to really showcase your company and stand out from the competition.

Immersive experience with virtual reality devices

Take your 360 video to a new level by making it available on virtual reality devices. Your clients and customers can put a headset and suddenly immerse themselves in your business, great for those in the tourism sector or companies that sell products in a showroom.

Reach a wider audience

With 360 video the opportunities to reach a new audience are limitless. You can welcome clients and customers from around the world to your business or location. Show off your product or service in 360 and reach your clients and customers in their own home, it couldn’t be easier!

Stand out in your industry

360 video has been around for a while, but it’s still not widely adopted. Things are changing though, with Facebook recently introducing support for 360 video and 360 video tours starting to appear on websites. Don’t delay, leverage the power of this new digital technology before your competitors.

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